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Vienna, Austria
Gigabit Academy
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Open until 26 November 2024

Become a Gigabit Academy Explorer!

National & international startups, students, developers, creatives, small and medium companies, corporates etc. are invited to join the Gigabit Academy to explore different ways of collaboration and networking opportunities for creating ideas with the power of gigabit and 5G technology!

Why should you join the Gigabit Academy?

  • Take part in various networking and idea creating events
  • Get to know organizations which work with gigabit infrastructure and technologies
  • Build contacts to know-how carriers from industry and science
  • Benefit from International perspectives and networking opportunities
  • Find the right support for collaborations and partnerships
  • Receive tailored and comprehensive expertise
  • Get an overview of trends, technologies and industries related to 5G & gigabit applications such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, AR/VR, simulations, robotics, to name a few.
  • Look into insights of many current use cases and get support in the creation of new use cases from different areas such as industry, logistics, mobility, security, drones, energy and many others.
  • Gain business knowhow for future projects in the environment of gigabit and 5G applications.
  • And much more!

How to become a Gigabit Academy Explorer?

As a participant of the Gigabit Academy, you become a Gigabit Academy Explorer.

Gigabit Academy Explorers can be anyone interested in planning, implementing or developing Gigabit and 5G applications (use cases).

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